Monday, 13 June 2011

Welcome to the world of Facebook

This week I joined Facebook properly.  I actually joined Facebook a number of years ago but only had five friends - two nieces, two nephews and one old school friend.  My niece set me up on Facebook and I found I enjoyed it as a way of spying on my nieces and nephews.  Unethical I know, but fun none the least.  I really did not see a use or need for Facebook in my life.

So what made me turn this week?

Two main reasons.  Firstly, I wanted to know how it worked and it seemed that the only way I could actually learn how it worked was to do it.  Various people have tried to explain to me how it works but I have never been able to get a handle on the difference between posts, walls, comments or messages, so I opted for thinking that it was stupid.

I am someone who learns by doing things.  I am a kinesthetic learner.   I realised that I couldn't  understand FB until iI had actually done it and I  hadn't done it because, if the truth be known,  I was sort of scared of it.  It was a piece of modern technology that I had skirted around learning by saying it was unnecessary and a waste of time and not relevant to my lifestyle.  This might be true but I had no personal evidence on which to base this theory.  My knowledge was based purely on supposition and what other people said.  I am a classic example of a person who forms a strong opinion about something with very limited real knowledge.

My second reason was that I have a new play (Home for Lunch) opening this week and it seemed a logical way to promote it to my friends, peers, and contacts.

I've been doing FB now for nearly a week and to date I am enjoying it immensely.  It's not difficult and so far I feel as though I am in control.  Who knows maybe I will start neglecting my family, my work or the outside world. If that's the case then i really will have some solid evidence to bag FB with.

I'll keep you posted!

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