Wednesday, 26 September 2012

And we're here!  After hours and hours of travel we have all finally arrived!  Gees it's a long way from Oz to France!  We're all okay despite suffering from various degrees of jet lag and consequently insomnia.  We're all staying together at a nice hotel in the center of Divonne called Park Suites and appear to be communicating well enough to be understood.  Rehearsals have begun and it all now seems very real.  We haven't seen inside the actual space yet but have stood outside and it looks huge!!  We've had a trip to the supermarket, eaten some French sushi (!) been for a walk around the lake, nodded and smiled at locals and got stuck into the duty free gin.  Some things remain the same wherever you are.  The bells of the church across the road chime on the hour and are keeping us on track.  More soon.

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